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A Letter From John

When I give seminars all over North America the comment has been made to me more than once that “I wish I could just take you home

The Perpetual Wealth System by John Jamieson

The Perpetual Wealth System by John Jamieson

and transfer your knowledge to me” which is not only a great compliment to me but a darn good idea.  However, it is not very practical.  So I have always dreamed of creating a place online that I could share my knowledge and what has been shared with me by some world class mentors over the years.  The Perpetual Wealth Club is that place and there is nothing else like it anywhere else on the planet.

So now is your chance to get all of the above starting today for just $39.00 per month.  Yes, that price is correct and yes, it is the best deal you will get for years to come.  You see, the seminar and information business has been changed dramatically by the internet.  Prior to this platform I would lose my shirt if I went out and promoted seminars via television, radio, and mailers and then offered you all of the above for $39.00 per month.  That is why every seminar you have ever been to or thought about attending on making or saving money has been thousands of dollars for a multi-day event.  Well, due to the internet we have the ability to reach many people at very little cost.  Therefore, I can now make this information available to members of my Perpetual Wealth Club for much less than a cup of coffee per day.  Once you are a member you will never want to leave.  This is a business model better for you, and for me, in the long run.  I also have a goal to help 250,000 families minimum set up their family banks and create wealth for generations to come.  This price point makes the price of entry to this tree of knowledge affordable for everyone. Frankly if you don’t join our club that is alright with me but please don’t tell me you are serious about getting ahead when you won’t invest a little over a dollar a day for you and your family’s financial future.  This is the leg up you have been looking for so take a hold of it now and join our online family at The Perpetual Wealth Club.


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Community Support

When you join you will have access to ask questions, post case studies and interact with other Members! We also will host live events where you can meet other Members, John and his staff and other wealth creation professionals.



Live Monthly Webinars

Join John as he explains his personal journey to wealth creation involving all the pitfalls as well as his success. He will also share his Wealth Creation methods and invite other professionals to speak on wealth creation and preservation. Truly a great tool to have in your tool belt!



Membership has its Privileges

By joining the Perpetual Wealth Club you will have access to a secure Members Only website. Your trainings and all the other great information contained on the site will be accessible 24/7! John will also share great deals or discounts offered by us or other wealth creation professionals that John has worked with.


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